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Here's how to make Reindeer Dust for your lawn so Santa can find his way to your house quickly. 

Reindeer dust is made from glitter and oats

The glitter helps guide the reindeers to your house and the oats feed the reindeer, after all they get pretty hungry pulling that sleigh on Christmas Eve. 


You will need
1 cup of oats
1/2 cup of glitter - use your favorite color (I hear Dasher like silver) 
several small zip lock bags (sandwich size)
1 large zip lock bag (Gallon size)
string or ribbon to tie the small bags

1. Pour the oats and glitter in the zip lock bag

2. Zip the bag up and shake until ingredients are mixed well

3.  Divided the reindeer dust into a small bags (this should be enough for 4 bags)

4. Use string or ribbon to tie of the bags

On Christmas Eve

Give each child a bag to sprinkle on the  lawn. The reindeer will see the joy and magic of Christmas at your house shining brightly to the sky directing them straight to your house.